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Is Prenatal Massage an Effective Way to Improve Your Well-Being During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an enthusiastic journey of women’s life that is full of happiness and also, nervousness. During pregnancy, all the women undergo physical and emotional changes which cause stress in them. Nowadays, many women adopt prenatal massage, which helps to relieve this stress.
If you want to know th e importance of Prenatal Massage, first of all, you have to know: what exactly is Prenatal Massage? It is a massage done by professionals and focuses on long strokes with minimum pressure applied to the mother’s body. It helps in the relaxation of a pregnant lady. Nowadays, many salons provide prenatal massage in Dubai. Following are the benefits of Prenatal massage during pregnancy:

● Relief from muscular pains
● Decrease your Stress
● Enhances better sleep quality
● Reduce swelling
● Preparation for labor pain and delivery 

Relief From Muscular pains

Prenatal massage can be a great way to loosen the muscles and give relief from cramps that are very common in pregnancy. Professional massage therapists use deep tissue techniques that are according to the comfort of the pregnant lady. You have to choose the Best Beauty Salon in Dubai for better results.

Decrease Your Stress

Stress level of a women increases during pregnancy because of hormonal changes throughout the nine months. As any other massage, prenatal massage specially designed for pregnancy also reduces stress hormones and improves your mood. It promotes calmness, which uplifts mother’s mental health. You can book prenatal massage Dubai at home. 

Enhances Better Sleep Quality

During the third trimester of pregnancy, it is very difficult for a woman to have an interrupted sleep. Prenatal massage helps in reducing stress and pains which gives you peaceful sleeping time at night. It also promotes relaxation. Pre-book your maternity massage Dubai sessions according to your sleep time. 

Reduce Swelling

As the size of the baby increases, the size of the uterus also increases and becomes heavy. This puts pressure on blood vessels results in swelling also known as Edema. Prenatal massage helps in smooth circulation, reduces the collection of fluids in joints and minimizes swelling. 

Preparation for your labor pain and delivery

Maternity massage also helps a pregnant woman for her delivery time. These massage sessions mostly focus on that areas of the body which bear maximum strain during labor pains such as hips and lower back. This will increase flexibility of your body and smoothen your delivery time.
As there are many benefits of Prenatal massage but you should follow some precautions so that it can become an effective way to improve your well being during pregnancy.

● Always book a professional massage therapist. You should do a deep research to book best massage for pregnancy in Dubai.

● Consult your Gynecologist before starting your massage sessions. Your health care team will tell you if your pregnancy has any risk.

● Avoid prenatal massage sessions during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Wait for your second or third trimester for your maternity massage as during the first three months, there is high risk of miscarriage.

● Avoid these massage sessions if you have any pre- term labor history.

● Always tell your therapist if you have felt any discomfort or pain during the time of massage.

Prenatal massage offers a number of ways to promote physical and emotional well being of a pregnant woman. Enjoy your roller coaster journey of high and low emotions by considering our article. Before starting your massage therapy, always consult your doctor and find the best therapist for reducing your stress, relaxing your mind and generating a deep bond with your little bundle of joy throughout your pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and want to relax, book your massage session as soon as possible. 

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