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How to Prepare for an At-Home Massage Service in Dubai

Sometimes sitting in front of a TV is not what we are looking for when it comes to feeling relaxed. Due to high-stress levels at work, we all want something that helps us unwind from inside out.

Booking an at-home massage is the first step towards leaving behind the day’s worries. Yet, proper preparation can enhance this experience, making it more soothing and fulfilling.

So, without any further delay, let’s begin with how you can get ready for the Home Spa Service in Dubai.

What is a home spa service?

A skilled massage therapist can come to you at any location you prefer, whether it’s your home, office, holiday spot, or hotel. They bring along a portable bed and all necessary supplies to give you a massage whenever you want.

What sets apart visiting a salon from booking a mobile massage therapist at your home? The concept of luxury and value is key when comparing salons and mobile services. Traditionally, luxury meant pampering yourself in a special setting with VIP treatment. Nowadays, people seek luxuries that offer time-saving, self-care, and convenience.

Why opt for a Home Spa Service in Dubai

  • People tend to feel most relaxed in their own home environment, while they may become more anxious in outside settings.
  • Busy schedules are a common challenge!
  • There is a greater potential to create and control the massage environment, such as using personal candles, lights, or essential oil diffusers.
  • This is beneficial for those who are unable to commute or find it difficult to do so.
  • For some, leaving the house could increase the risk of tripping and falling, or they may want to limit exposure to the outside world if their health is compromised in certain ways.
  • It may be challenging to leave home if they have dependents to care for.

Home spa service in Dubai: Before, during, and after

Before your home spa session

Booking your in-home massage should feel like planning a mini-holiday right in the comfort of your own home. Ensure you allocate ample time to fully relax without feeling rushed. This is your personal time to unwind, so steer clear of any scheduling conflicts that might disrupt your peace.

Transform your home massage area into your personal sanctuary. A clean and prepared space can significantly enhance the serenity of your massage experience. But don’t fret – we’re not here to judge your surroundings. This is all about your comfort and tranquility.

A quick shower before your session can leave you feeling fresh and ready. Skip any heavy perfumes/mists/roll-ons or lotions, as the therapist will bring along all the necessary oils & massage lotions tailored to your preferences.

Maintaining open communication with your massage therapist is essential. Share health concerns, recent injuries, or specific areas that require their attention. This will allow your therapist to tailor your massage session to meet your unique needs.

Creating the ideal home spa environment

  • To allow the massage therapist enough space to move freely and provide a top-notch relaxation massage, it’s essential to clear an area of nearly 9ft * 6ft for their standard massage table.
  • The massage therapist will come fully equipped with everything required to recreate a spa experience in your home. They’ll bring the massage table, sheets, soothing music, massage lotion, and any extra elements you selected during booking, such as hot stones or aromatherapy. All you need to do is open the door, show them where to set up, and then unwind. Your home will be transformed into a luxurious 5-star spa.
  • Occasionally, the massage therapist might have a heated table warmer. If so, they’ll request access to a nearby electrical socket.
  • If you have any preferred playlist, feel free to use your own music instead of the therapist’s selection.
  • Additionally, if you have specific candles or lighting preferences, you can arrange them while the massage therapist is setting up the table.

Things to do during the at-home massage session in Dubai

  • Discuss your goals with your therapist. Whether you’re seeking overall relaxation or relief from a specific injury, make sure your therapist knows your expectations.
  • Inform the clinic staff and your therapist about any open wounds, cuts, or injury areas that require special attention.
  • During the massage, you will need to undress to allow the therapist to effectively massage your body. Undress to the level you are comfortable with. Keep in mind that the full benefits of the massage are best achieved when the massage flow is uninterrupted.
  • It’s common to feel drowsy and sleepy during the session as your body relaxes and your brain releases calming hormones. However, try to stay awake to fully enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the massage.

After the massage

After experiencing your in-home massage, it’s crucial to unwind and rejuvenate. To extend the positive effects of your massage, here are some essential self-care suggestions:

  • Stay Hydrated: Make sure to drink ample water to detoxify and replenish your muscles.
  • Practice Stretching: Engage in gentle stretching routines to retain flexibility and avoid muscle stiffness.
  • Prioritize Rest: Give your body the opportunity to recover and recharge by ensuring you get enough restful sleep.

So, that’s how convenient a Home Spa Service in Dubai is! However, you must look for a reputed salon to book your session to have an experience that will set you for the next week.

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